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In X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, and Moon, altering the 3DS’ system clock will end in all time-based mostly events stopping for twenty-four hours. After defeating the Elite Four in Pokémon Sun, you’ll be able to undergo a portal at the Altar of the Sunne during the nighttime to go to an alternate world the place it is daytime. This may be useful should you favor to play during the nighttime and want to evolve Happiny without changing the system clock. You need Solgaleo/Lunala in your party so as to do this. Other things that can boost the speed of expertise acquire embrace having a excessive affection degree in Pokémon Amie or Pokémon Refresh and having Pass Power or O-Power active. The copyrights of movies of video games used in our content material and other intellectual property rights belong to the supplier of the game.

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When you get Happiny sufficient experience points to stage up, it should begin to evolve instantly. You now have Chansey.Note that your Oval Stone will disappear after the evolution. Mimicking Chansey, Happiny will place an egg- formed stone in its stomach pouch.

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Happiny will hold the Oval Stone until you give it something different or it evolves. Pow numbers are adjusted for this pokemon’s Normal type +50% STAB injury. Pokemon Sword and Shield Happiny evolves into Chansey with a hold Oval Stone, Daytime.

As Chansey candies are fairly onerous to return by, you’re higher off evolving a excessive degree one even if it has bad IVs. IVs hardly matter as a result of some Pokémons’ base stats are already so excessive (such as Chansey’s HP stat) that the variations are minuscule. Should I evolve all of it the way to blissey? But unsure if I should wait even longer to attempt to catch a greater one/hatch another or evolve this happiny. Just hatched a happiny and walked the 15km with it so it’s able to evolve. It’s the best Pokémon I’ve ever gotten within the chansey lineage, with 86% IV’s .